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CarbiMet 2 Abrasive Discs

CarbiMet® 2 Abrasive Discs, are the premium line of grinding papers designed for superior grinding performance on all types of specimens with minimal deformation. These discs are designed for wet or dry grinding; however, wet grinding induces less deformation in specimens. The tightly held abrasive grain sizing and the environmentally friendly resin bond system gives CarbiMet 2 Abrasive Discs the rapid material removal and uniform finish needed to reduce rough and final polishing times. Manufactured in an ISO 14001/2004 certified facility, CarbiMet 2 Abrasive Discs are produced with less pollution, in part due to an efficient water and air recycling system. The uniformity and consistency of these discs make them an excellent choice for use with automatic grinding and polishing systems. CarbiMet 2 Discs utilize premium “C” weight paper and are available with or without a Pressure Sensitive Adhesive (PSA) backing. When using a PSA backed disc, the disc is held firmly in place during use, and is easily removed when the disc life is expired. Plain-backed discs can be held in place with either a MetGrip® Liner or a paper holding band.