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With a wide breadth of consumables products for each our segments, complete solutions for materials preparation, testing and analysis for most applications are available. A few of our most popular products are: MetAbrase and Delta Abrasive Wheels, IsoMet and IsoCut Wafering Blades, EpoxiCure and SamplKwick castable systems, EpoMet compression mounting compounds, Apex Quick Change System, CarbiMet 2 and Apex DGD grinding discs, TexMet C, MicroCloth and UltraPol polishing cloths, MetaDi and MetaDi Supreme diamond suspensions and pastes, MasterPrep and MasterMet final polishing suspensions....and more. There are many options within each segment and we would be happy to help you select the best match for your needs. Please contact customer service or our lab staff for further assistance.