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About Us


Our products are used throughout the world in manufacturing facilities, quality laboratories, and universities to analyze all types of materials, including those used in Aerospace and Defense, Automotive, Medical, Ceramic, Plastics, Composites, Education, Electronics, Energy, Primary Metal and more.   

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Our customers use Buehler products and methods to improve the material within product, monitor production or incoming purchased material, perform failure analysis, and perform basic materials research. Our products fall into five segments:

  • Sectioning - Abrasimet, AbrasiMatic, IsoMet
  • Mounting - SimpliMet
  • Grinding & Polishing - EcoMet, AutoMet, MetaServ
  • Imaging & Analysis - OmniMet
  • Hardness Testing - Wilson Hardness


 Some of Buehler's newest leading technology products include:

The AbrasiMet® 250 and AbrasiMatic® 450 Abrasive Cutters
The IsoMet® 4000 & 5000 Linear Precision Saws
The SimpliMet® XPS1 Automatic Compression Mounting System
The EcoMet® AutoMet® Family of Grinder-Polishers
The Apex® Quick-Change  System
The OmniMet® Modular Imaging System
The Rockwell® 574 and 2000

With our multiple sales, service and manufacturing facilities, as well as partnerships with 47 Centers of Excellence, we offer global reach with local coverage.


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